Teh gandum/麦茶


An avid reader
Multifandom & multishipper
Heavy RT
Lots of Caps On

I'm opinionated, and so does every other human being

Everyone has their own tastes and opinions

I don't like people openly bashing on stuff

If you don't like it, just ignore unless it's harming other people

Don't provoke others

Don't force your opinion on people

Respect each other

I'm always on mutual searching

I'll follow you if I think we have matching interests and you don't seem to be a toxic person

Please don't be afraid or shy to talk to me, especially if we're mutuals!

If I do something inapproriate, please DM me to let me know

Please softblock to unfollow

Some warnings

  • This account is not spoiler-free because I may unconsciously RT/like spoiler-y stuffs

  • I will never RT/like public NSFW or the explicit ones (R18) since I'm not comfortable with them too even at my age

  • But I may RT/like some smut/gore 15+ arts, sometimes the more hardcore ones too if they're put in private

  • So please if you see I RT/like things put on private, proceed to see the tweet at your own risk

I really enjoy any kind of fiction

My interests aren't limited to
things stated on this carrd though

I can't even mention all my faves

But here's some of them

My ultimate fandoms

(warning: possible spoiler on each wiki link)

current hypecurrent binge
SEEC GamesKaze Hikaru
Giant KillingMa Dao Zu Shi
Omniscient Reader's ViewpointNijisanji ID

stan them


Also please tap the buttons
to listen to their songs

They don't disappoint

fun stuffs

My favorites whom I cry for everyday

(warning: possible spoiler on each wiki link)

my top 3 otps

HL: OzEcho | ShinAya | IoAni
BL: ItaTsuzu | ShuYuu | JoongDok
GL: YoshiMaru | ToukoMaru | KyouSaya

Special mention because no gender: AnPhos

about shipping

  • Platonic ship is a thing, not all ships are romantic

  • Angst = fluff > smut

  • HL/BL/GL all OK!

  • Genderbend folks lets go

  • Sometimes I don't mind riba but most of the time I'm strict with my ship order

  • Not into yume, but I don't mind people who do

  • I never count "player character" as myself, so I do ship SakyoIzu, KasuHika, AlleSara, HokuAn, and PomuYuu

  • Whump fics are the best, period

my game ids

A3! (EN): 212-315-351
LL SIFAS (EN): 652-631-809
Crestoria (EN): 658-828-903

Please let me know if you add me

I also have instagram and smule acc, but I'm still kinda privy about them so if you're curious, just DM me